Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup erie, water damage erie, water damage restoration erieWater damage cleanup is an extensive process. Before trying to tackle any water damage cleanup in your Erie home, we at Xpert Restoration want you to be aware of all the risks and dangers associated with the water damage cleanup process. 

Personal Harm

Most people do not recognize water damage as a dangerous situation. Even if the water damage does not appear hazardous, there can be many hidden dangers. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when trying to handle water damage on their own is failing to protect themselves. From the type of water (clean, gray or black), to potential electrical shock, there are many factors when dealing with water damage that can be extremely harmful. Going into cleaning a mess without knowing where the water source is from, without proper personal protective clothing and equipment, or without shutting off all power to the area, can make you susceptible to harm. Water is classified into 3 different categories. Category 2 and 3 water is considered hazardous because of the harmful contaminants it may contain. If ingested or contacted by skin, this water can cause serious illness. Without proper protective gear and equipment, this water is too risky to cleanup. Professional water restoration companies have the proper equipment, training, and experience to safely and effectively cleanup up water damage, regardless of what category it is. 


Many DIY cleanup techniques provide a quick fix for water damage. When dealing with mold, there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix.” Because mold can go unseen and mold spores are microscopic, you may not even know that it is present. Without the proper tools and equipment to detect and remediate mold, it can turn into a serious health problem. Thorough and adequate drying is crucial in mitigating mold growth, and the best way to achieve fast complete drying is with professional grade equipment and drying techniques. Mold can grow in as little as 24-48 hours after water damage has occurred, so any time you are dealing with water cleanup you should assume you are dealing with mold, and any time you are dealing with mold, you should call in the professionals. 

Structural Damage

Even after surface water has been dried, moisture may seep beneath walls, under carpets and floorboards, and in other places you cannot see. The integrity of these materials and structures will be weakened and compromised by water absorption. Drying without dehumidification allows moisture that seeped into these areas to remain trapped. Without the use of commercial grade drying equipment, and technology to detect moisture in places you cannot see, water damage will linger long after you think it has been removed. Professional restoration teams closely monitor moisture levels to be sure that all moisture and water is dried completely, protecting the structural integrity of the materials that make up your home.

Trained professionals who possess the proper experience and equipment necessary to adequately restore your property should carry out water damage cleanup. Xpert Restoration is the only company you need to handle all your water damage cleanup needs in Erie. 

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