Mold Removal

Safe And Effective Mold Remediation

Mold is not an uncommon occurrence in homes. It’s commonly found in attics, bathrooms, crawlspaces, and basements. There’s no reason to panic. People often see mold and approach it with store-bought products to try to get rid of it, but that typically doesn’t work. Surface mold is an indication of an underlying mold problem that needs to be resolved by professional mold remediation technicians that have the tools, skill, and training to safely remove it effectively.

Improper mold cleanup can result in larger problems for home and business owners. Mold can cause extensive structural damage and health hazards to those who occupy the environment. Mold problems require the attention of a qualified, competent mold remediation provider who knows what to look for and how to repair it right. Mold remediation is often used in both residential and commercial applications, government buildings, and apartment complexes (where more than one residence may be at risk).

Superior Mold Specialists

Mold issues require special care and precise treatment. The specialists at Xpert Restoration proudly offers mold remediation as one of our specialty restoration services. We always integrate the best restoration processes to safely remove mold while preserving the integrity of the property, while at the same time preventing any possibility for future mold growth.

And our services do not scale down due to size. Our residential clients always receive the same individualized care that a large- scale corporation would receive. Your health and the health of your family is our primary goal.


Advanced Equipment And Processes

The equipment that our mold remediation technicians use is always the most up-to-date and advanced equipment to ensure the highest quality of mold removal and remediation services. 

Whether we are taking air quality tests, containing the mold to one area, using filtration devices to remove contaminated air and bring fresh air in, removing contaminated materials for thorough cleaning, or restoring the location to its original condition, you can rely on Xpert Restoration to do it with quality, care and integrity!


Remove Mold At The Source And Prevent Future Problems

No mold remediation job is 100% complete unless every step is taken to prevent the mold from returning.  Mold usually comes from some type of water damage in the property. To reduce the risk of future mold issues, our team will properly find the source of the problem and eliminate it. Moisture will be dried out and affected areas will be cleaned, sanitized and fully repaired.

Do not consider hiring any company that can not help plan for and prevent future mold problems. 

Why Rely On The Mold Specialists At Xpert Restoration?

High quality work, courteous service, and the industry’s best customer support are what you get when you hire the professionals at Xpert Restoration. Our team is skilled in full mold remediation and always works to remove mold, eliminate the source of the problem, and prevent it from returningAll of our service technicians are educated, trained, and IICRC certified across all restoration equipment and procedures.

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