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Water disasters happen to homes and businesses for many reasons. Severe weather, flooding, appliance breaks, broken pipes, overflows, and sewage backups are just some of the reasons that property owners have to deal with water damage and mold problems, and every homeowner dreads the thought of having to deal with them.
Water can affect not only residences, but also businesses, schools, factories, offices, and any number of other structures. While the water may dry on its own, that’s not always the case. Sometimes a wet area may seem dry when the underlying structure is still damp. When wet areas of a home or business are not dried properly or if water is not removed properly, the damage will quickly grow and become a major problem. 
Xpert Restoration responds in 60 minutes or less to assess the damage and start a plan of action to minimize the damage as fast as possible. If you experience a water disaster, contact our experts at Xpert Restoration now!

Trained And Certified Technicians

A rapid response is important to the service providers at Xpert Restoration. Our technicians are trained and certified to respond immediately for all damage scenarios. Our team will quickly execute the water removal and drying practices as mandated by the IICRC regulations.

It is vital that mitigation water damage happens within 24-48 hours to prevent long term problems such as mold. In many instances, a lack of response can mean the difference between whether or not the problem is covered by homeowners insurance.


100% Complete Restoration

Xpert Restoration is proud to provide full and complete water damage cleanup and restoration from start to finish. Whether the damage comes from indoor pipes, flooding, or severe weather, we are able to handle every aspect of the water restoration process. From water removal and drying to property repairs and restoration, you can count on our technicians without subcontracting various jobs out to the lowest bidder. High-quality work that is done right the first times can reduce the cost of repairs for home and business owners. We work hard to help disaster victims avoid expensive and ongoing reconstruction by returning the property to its original clean and sound condition. 


60 Minute Rapid Response

An immediate and professional response is key to minimizing water damage and complete restoration, the quicker you call us, the quicker our team can get to work to put this experience in your past and let you focus on your future. 

Not every local restoration company is going to provide the high-quality service that Xpert Restoration does. Our team puts the highest level of pride in our work and will always treat your property like it was our own. Cherish your investment and don’t put in the hands of just anyone. Rely on the fast responders at Xpert Restoration who care about you, your property, and your future!

Why Rely On Our Professional Providers?

Xpert Restoration promises high quality work, courteous service, the industry’s best customer support when you choose our team to help with your water disaster.  We serve the northern Ohio area with a full array of restoration services. All of our service technicians are educated, trained, and IICRC certified across all restoration equipment and procedures.

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